Shenzhen China-Europe Rabbit Fund Investment Management Co., Ltd. (Hereinafter referred to as "Rabbitfund") was founded and registered in Shenzhen in 2007. It one of the earliest founded sunshine private fund management companies in China. Rabbitfund is mainly engaged in securities private fund management business, focusing on securities investment in mainland China, Hong Kong and overseas secondary market. Since its set up, the company issue a number of sunshine private funds cooperated with some of the best distribution channels of funds in China, and also established entrusted asset management business cooperation with many large institutions domestically and overseas. In 2014, Rabbitfund registered with Asset Management Association of China and obtained the qualification of Private Fund Manager. In 2016, the company issued the first overseas fund registered in Cayman island.

 We hope that through our unremitting efforts and continuous improvement of management capacity, we can create value for our customers continuously and develop Rabbitfund into a respected brand asset management institution.

Rabbitfund has been established for more than ten years, adhering the investment concept of " to grow together with the great enterprise based on value investment, respecting trend and adapting strategy"; and upholding the investment philosophy of " Seeding in Spring,Planting in Summer,Harvesting in Autumn,Storing in Winter", discovering and focusing on investing in fundamental excellent enterprises, and build outstanding teams of investment research, risk control, market and management. Over the past ten years, we have achieved sustained excellent performance, good reputation in the industry and long-term recognition of investors. Its award-winning including honors of "The Morning Star Award", " The Golden Bull Awards", "HOWbuy - sunshine private 10 years of ten people (Weizhi Wu)", "The 2018 Annual Meeting Of Proivate Equity Funds'10 Years of Achievement Award". Rabbitfund has become a well-known brand in China's private fund management industry.

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  • Tel:0086-755-82876298
  • Address:2204-2206, China Life Building, 123 Fuhua 1st Road, Futian District, Shenzhen, China
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