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Dear friends:

Thank you for your concern and support!

We have been thinking, if the end of 80s in Japan to engage in securities investment, for a full 20 years, the Nikkei index from the point of repeated down to 9700 points, how to invest in order to achieve wealth growth in?

The answer is growth investment! Choose the best growth companies to buy and hold the right price for a long time, to share the wealth brought about by the growth of enterprises, which is the key to the growth of investment. In Japan's 1989-2009 lost 20 years, growth firms, such as Honda, Nintendo, the stock rose as high as 8 times, and its performance is different from the Nikkei 225 index. As the growth of investment outstanding representative Buffett is lucky, his investment career in the total American society's growing wealth era, together with Coca-Cola and a number of great enterprises, the achievements of the greatest investor.

The theoretical logic of growth investment is simple! Growth investors believe that the impact of the stock price is only two key factors: the level of profitability of the enterprise EPS and market valuation given to the enterprise PE. Using formula interpretation: stock price P=EPS*PE. Since PE in rangebound, so if we can find a profitable EPS sustained growth of enterprises, then the stock as the product of the long term, the trajectory of inevitable fluctuations in gradually upward.

How to find a huge industry space, competitive advantage of the enterprise? How to seize the opportunity? How to avoid making mistakes in the Washington Post Buffett, when the growth of enterprises began to go down the road when she was removed from the portfolio? How to do a good job of risk management? To deal with these issues, in order to achieve steady growth in wealth! Our research team has always insisted on this idea, after this round of once-in-a-century financial crisis, we become more mature.

Choose Ou Ruibo, and China's capital market in the great enterprise to grow together!

Wu Weizhi

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