Risk control system: rabbits always prick up their ears, listening to the sounds of nature and hide  quickly if there is any movement. Rabbitfund is a cautious rabbit. The risk control throughout the investment, instead of only at the process of stopping loss.

A.Prior period

(1) The investment committee shall formulate the direction and strategy for the next stage and determine the upper and lower limits of positions


(2) The investment object comes from the company's stock pool, and there are strict procedures and standards for the entry of stock pool.


(3) The stock pool is divided into core, satellite and observation pools, and the maximum investment quota is limited for different pools.

B. Mid-Term
(1) Keep tracking all the information which impact the price of stock
(2) Communicate regularly with listed companies and sellers.
(3) Synthesizing fundamental information such as earnings, adjusting stock investment ratings and dynamically managing portfolios.

C. Late
Establish a strict system of early warning and stop loss

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